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The whole thing couldn’t be more straightforward to set up, either — just plug it into an HDMI-equipped monitor or TV, or an iPad, and it’ll load up and get going within a half-minute.And yes, that says iPad: Through the "OSLinx" app, you can turn Apple’s slate into a more portable monitor or, more appropriately, a touch-enabled Windows tablet. It’s decidedly less smooth through there, but again, if you really need to access certain files on the go, it works.The Kangaroo is far from the only mini PC around, and there’s obvious room for it to get better. For the money, though, and for all the functionality it packs, it’s a solid deal. If you’re throwing your eggs in the Windows basket, it should prove convenient. If I had to recommend one Bluetooth speaker to most people shopping on a budget today, I’d pick the JBL Flip 3. It’s the most well-rounded portable speaker I’ve tested for less than $100, and, considering that price, it doesn’t have any glaring, deal-breaking weaknesses.

As a thing you carry around, the Flip 3 is convenient. Its cylindrical frame is compact and rugged, with a decent sense of heft and a pleasing fabric material that make it feel not-cheap in the hand. There’s a handy carrying loop attached to its side, and a generally straightforward set of volume and playback controls blended into its body. And while it’s not waterproof, it is water-resistant — I’ve used it numerous times in the shower without issue. Unless you need something to float in the pool, that’s enough.The whole thing pairs quickly over Bluetooth 4.1, and can link up to three devices at once. So you can, say, stream music from your laptop, then take a call from your phone without have to disconnect either. (It’s perfectly decent as a speakerphone, by the way.) Depending on how loud you play, its battery lasts about 10-12 hours, which, again, is totally fine. All the basics are down pat here.Sound is what matters, though, and it’s there where the Flip 3 is most compelling. Everything still has to be qualified with the phrase “for a small Bluetooth speaker,” but keeping those limitations in mind, the Flip 3 plays loud, full, and balanced. The mids are clean, the highs are crisp, and the lows have more presence than most other speakers of this size.

It’s still too small to get anything in the way of really deep sub-bass, and it’ll distort slightly at absolute max volume, but that’s standard procedure with these things. Stick to less complex tracks at moderate-to-high volumes — as you should with any cheap, tiny Bluetooth speaker — and you’ll see the Flip 3 is competing with pricier options like the UE Boom 2 more than peers like the UE Roll, which is better for the outdoors but is neither as loud nor as lush. My only real complaint is that it sounds better when placed horizontally, but scoots around a bit if you play it too loud in that position. Beyond that, there just isn’t much the Flip 3 gets wrong. You could argue that NFC or aptX support would be nice, but neither of those are out-and-out necessary. Otherwise, your only question is if you need a more rugged device, like the Roll, or if you can pay extra for something superior sounding, like the Bose SoundLink Mini II. If you’re in the middle, though, the Flip 3 gets you a little bit of everything.Whether for work or pleasure, traveling shouldn’t be stressful. But if you’re the type who can’t stop using things with screens — i.e., if you’re a human in 2015 — you may have no choice but to lug along an overflow of gadgets. That might not only include your basic smartphone, tablet, or laptop, but also a handful of accessories needed to keep them up and running.

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If that sounds like a problem you’ve had before, the HooToo TripMate Elite should help you pack a little lighter. Priced at $38, it’s an all-in-one device that simultaneously serves as a portable battery, USB wall charger, travel WiFi router, and a network-attached storage (or NAS). It packs all this into something the size of a glossy black MacBook charger.Considering how many mini routers, NAS devices, and chargers there are that can’t do their one job right, it’s easy to be skeptical of something that claims to replicate all of them at once. The TripMate, however, actually does work. It isn’t the best at any one of its functions, but it’s serviceable enough at each to come in handy on the go.As a battery and wall charger, it works fine. It has a foldable AC plug and two USB ports built-in — one at 1A, the other at 1/2.1A — and carries a 6,000mAh capacity. That’s enough to charge most smartphones about twice, and most tablets around halfway. When you need to charge the TripMate itself, you just plug it into an outlet.

The router and personal cloud features are a little more exciting. Of the two, the router functionality probably works best. It’s altogether simple to set up, and when plugged into a modem, gets close to your maximum internet speeds. There’s an ethernet port on its back, so if you’re staying in a hotel room with just a cabled connection, you can just hook it up here and make it wireless. The device can also act as a bridge for multiple wireless connections at once. And with a little ingenuity, you can use it to get something like a Chromecast working over previously inaccessible networks.As a NAS, the TripMate isn’t quite as robust. The TripMate app you need to use to access your stuff is still a bit clunky, and the device itself doesn’t have any included storage. If you’re willing to fiddle around with it, though, it’s at least possible to hook a hard drive or microSD card up to the device, then stream video or music files you have on it through the cloud. It’s consistent enough to be useful on a long flight or train ride.You can find individual batteries, wall chargers, NAS devices, and routers that perform better, but then you have to keep track of four separate things. Given how much this thing does for its size (and price) — and given the 4.4 rating it has on Amazon after 2,600 user reviews — the TripMate is a great companion for any tech-savvy traveler. There are lots of extremely cynical theories over why this might be, not least because driving demand for Lightning-based headphones would be a very good thing for Beats, an Apple subsidiary.

Regardless, Apple insists that removing the headphone jack was an act of "courage;" a bold willingness to sacrifice the comfortably familiar and push us toward the wireless-headphone future. Plus, ditching the classic 3.5 mm jack apparently makes room for bigger batteries and better cameras inside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.So let's take Apple at face value here. Apple's move toward wireless headphones is a super-important signal of how it's looking at the next wave of technology — and hints at the next wave of computing to come.But first, it's in Apple's best interests (and maybe your own) that they teach you to never take your headphones off, ever.The keys to the whole affair are Apple's new $159 AirPod wireless headphones. Technically, they're standard Bluetooth earbuds/microphones, so they'll work with any old Windows PC, Android phone, or Blackberry you may have lying around.But the real magic of the AirPods come when you use them with a Mac, iPhone, or iPad: Thanks to Apple's proprietary W1 chip, the AirPods smoothly and seamlessly pair with any iPhone or iPad in range, provided they're running iOS 10. When the new macOS Sierra comes out later this September, it'll work with that, too.

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Most importantly of all, the AirPods lack any kind of physical buttons whatsoever. The only control on the AirPods, at all, is a touch sensor that activates Siri, Apple's voice assistant. It's that one-touch access to Siri that best showcases Apple's ambitions for the AirPods, for Siri, and for how people should be using computers.Apple has spent a lot of time and energy making sure people know that next week's iOS 10 update comes with some big upgrades to Siri, including the ability to access and use other apps. In other words, you'll be able to use Siri to send money with Square Cash or reply to a WhatsApp message, as well as control your Apple HomeKit-compatible smart appliances, all with your voice.From there, it's a natural progression: The AirPods make it easier than ever to use Siri.Siri lets you use your apps without taking your phone out of your pocket or checking your Apple Watch. So, ideally, you'll keep your EarPods in even when you're not listening to music.Since they don't have wires, AirPods are way less obtrusive than your usual headphones. And because they sync with all your Apple gadgets, it means that same one-touch access to Siri can follow you from phone to tablet to laptop. Siri's on the Apple TV, too, so it seems reasonable that it'll get AirPod syncing one day.

This has a big business benefit for Apple, since it means you need at least an iPhone to take full advantage: Without access to Siri, the EarPods are just Bluetooth headphones. It's an important driver to keep people in the Apple product family as the smartphone boom grinds to a halt.But it's also a tantalizing glimpse at the possibilities of using Siri to spend less time staring at a screen and more time living your life.That increased reliance on Siri is Apple's short- to medium-term vision. In the long-term, though, Apple can get really weird with it, in some exciting ways. Slate's Will Oremus recently referred to the AirPods as "Apple's first ear computers."From the earliest days of the PC, all the way through the modern smartphone, computing has usually relied on some kind of display, whether that's a TV, monitor, watch face, or touchscreen, plus some kind of keyboard, physical or virtual.It's been great, and it works, but the fact remains that the most natural way humans pass information to each other is by sound, speech, and music. And as we've seen from the sleeper success of gadgets like the Amazon Echo, there's a real demand for tools that can deliver information just by talking to you — especially among nontechnical people.


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