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If you still have a winter-jacket-sized hole in your closet, this wool-blend one from Cole Haan is $125 cheaper than it’s list price right now. Get a step ahead of Mother Nature and be prepared to stay warm and look good once the weather turns chilly.While iPads have made our lives easier in many ways it has still been difficult to use it as a canvas for artists wishing to paint, doodle, or storyboard on their tablet. With that in mind, FiftyThree created Pencil, a multi-purpose stylus for your iPhone or iPad allowing for more versatility and control while drawing on your mobile sketchpad. Connecting to your tablet through Bluetooth, Pencil gives the artist more precision while working on a project than they could ever have when stuck dragging their finger across the screen.If you’re bringing your laptop to work everyday, you should already have a messenger bag or small briefcase by your desk. But if you have yet to add a bag such as this to your arsenal of accessories, now might be the time to do so. With it’s professional look and enough space to fit your computer and whatever other odds and ends you need to bring with you, this Jack Spade leather briefcase will be a stylish and practical addition to your morning trek to work.

Here at Insider Picks we’ve covered headphones in many different ways. But if you still have yet to find a pair that fits your needs, maybe these Nocs are the ones you were waiting for. You can pick up these DJ-style cans for 30% off at East Dane right now, which is a great deal less than the price they're currently listed at on Amazon.It’s always good to have some backup juice for your phone. This wall charger by Nomad has made it easier than ever to keep a backup charge with you when you need it. Simply insert your usual wall charger into the battery pack, and your phone and extra battery will charge simultaneously. Once your extra battery is fully charged, you can throw it in your bag or glove box and go.The new MacBook is Apple's thinnest, lightest laptop ever. But it's also a major step backward.Speed test data uploaded to Geekbench reveals that when it comes to the processor, the new laptop is on par with the MacBook Air that Apple released way back in 2011, MacRumors reports.

The processor has a single-core score of 1,924 and a multi-core score of 4,038. (A higher number is better, indicating faster speeds.) In contrast, the mid-2011 i5 MacBook Air clocks in with 2,192 and 4,288.For reference, the high-end mid-2014 MacBook Pro has a single-core score of 3,876, and 14,703 for multi-core.The data comes from a single MacBook rather than a combined average of multiple tests (as is standard on Geekbench), and it has since been deleted. (A cached version is available here.) But it's in keeping with what we know about Intel Core M processors, which Digital Trends notes "are slower than their standard Core equivalents."Of course, the new Macbook will have other advantages over the 2011 MacBook Air. Its graphics processing will be considerably faster, for example, and most likely contribute to faster overall performance.But still: The device's processor is weaker than one included in Apple devices four years ago. It's just part of the extraordinary lengths Apple has undergone to cut down on the size of its latest laptop. The device has also been criticised for ditching all its traditional ports — including the charger — in favour of a single universal USB-C port. This means users can't plug in a second screen or copy files to their iPhone at the same time as charging their MacBook unless they buy an add-on splitter cable.

Photos of the inside of the device also reveal that the actual logic board — the brain of the computer — has been shrunk down to a tiny size to make room for all the batteries required. According to Digital Trends, its logic board is actually smaller than the notably compact Raspberry Pi computer.Apple's new MacBook finally releases Friday — the first reviews came out Thursday.Critics are praising the MacBook's beautifully thin exterior and new innovative features, like the thinner but wider keys and the new Force Touch ability that lets you press down into the touchpad to access extra controls.Both inside and out, the new MacBook is beautifully thin, simple, and symmetrical. But as The Verge's Dieter Bohn points out in his review, Apple compromised on the processors that power the MacBook in order to make it so sleek and efficient.The new MacBook comes with an Intel Core M processor that clocks in at 1.1GHz — for an extra $300, you can get a 1.2GHz processor, and it costs even more to get a 1.3GHz configuration. While these MacBook models have a "Turbo Boost" that helps them more than double their speeds, benchmarks show the 12-inch laptop performs at similar speeds to the MacBook Air — from 2011.

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Basically, if you do anything that’s going to really tax the processor, this laptop probably isn't going to cut it for you. In that sense it's actually kind of like a Chromebook. It's fast enough for 70 percent of what I do, but a little slower than what I'm used to. For about 20 percent of what I do — mostly photo editing — it works but requires patience. But it's the last 10 percent that's hard: video editing, really big iPhoto libraries, basically anything processor-intensive can get rough.As soon as I open Photoshop, fire up Steam, or even crank up the brightness to watch " The Tudors" (great show), the laptop slows and the battery drains quickly.Mashable's Christina Warren found this new MacBook to be "every bit as fast and responsive as a 2012 MacBook Air I used daily for more than two years," but mentioned "there can be slowdowns, particularly if I've got tons of tabs open in multiple browsers."Can this do Photoshop CC 2014? Well, it can, but you're better off running something like Acorn. I also wouldn't want to do any serious video or audio editing on the new MacBook. But it managed to do 95% of what I do in a workday without much fuss.

The bottom line? The new MacBook is a beautiful computer with lots of interesting innovations hidden under the surface, but it's a little ahead of its time. Battery life isn't great, there's only one port to handle all your various inputs and outputs, the computer itself isn't very powerful.If you're looking for an Apple computer to handle "pro" applications like Photoshop or Final Cut, you'd be better off buying a MacBook Pro.During Monday's big event, the biggest glimpse at Apple's future came not from the Apple Watch but from the company's new laptop, the ultra-thin MacBook.It's gorgeous, and people were going bonkers over this thing, even though it will sell for a hefty $1,300 or more starting April 10.First, there's the price. You're paying a premium because Apple pulled off some engineering magic and created a beautiful computer that is not much thicker than an iPhone yet powerful enough to run a full desktop operating system. In fact, it is $300 more expensive than the cheapest MacBook Pro but has weaker specs. (The Retina MacBook Pro starts at the same price as the new MacBook). It is not the best deal on paper unless you value design and portability over everything else.

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Then there are the ports. Or, rather, the lack of ports. The MacBook has only one: a special USB C port that is designed for charging the computer, connecting video cables, and plugging in accessories. That means you will not be able to transfer files using a traditional USB stick, and you will have to get a special adapter for a lot of other things.macbook usb c portAppleFinally, I'm not a fan of the fact Apple did away with the MagSafe charger in favor of USB C. If you're like me, you have a habit of tripping over your laptop's cables. Apple's MagSafe charger is a brilliant solution: It holds the charging connector firmly in the laptop but will not do any damage if you yank it out. When I was in college I did some major damage to my old PowerBook when I tripped over its charging cord. I have a feeling there will be more than a few damaged USB C chargers from new MacBook owners. USB C charging feels like a step backward.But let's rewind a bit. The new MacBook reminds me a lot of the first MacBook Air that launched in 2008. That computer was underpowered, had very little storage, and had minimal ports. It was light, thin, and beautiful, unlike any laptop anyone had seen at the time, but it was also way too expensive for what you got. As with the new MacBook, the original MacBook Air was a marvelous feat of engineering that most people probably didn't need to buy.

Two and a half years later, the MacBook Air was the best laptop in the world. Apple improved everything from the processing power to design to battery life. Today's MacBook Air is even better.I bet we'll be having a similar discussion about the new MacBook in two or three years. It's ahead of its time now, but eliminating ports and going fully wireless in favor of an ultra-portable design will be the new norm. Eventually you will not need to plug a zillion accessories and projectors into your computer. Everything will be wireless.Plus, traditional computers don't need to be as powerful for the stuff most people need to do, hence the exploding popularity of Chromebooks. The new MacBook is Apple's answer to that burgeoning trend. People use their laptops to email, check Facebook, do some word processing, and maybe stream some movies. You don't need a beast of machine to do all that. And if you can get one with a high-resolution display and knockout design, something like the new MacBook is really appealing.





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