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Apple’s iPads are the most popular tablets on the market, and as a result they’ve had the most keyboard cases specifically designed for them. If you think something like this would be worth it, today Amazon has a deal on one of the better options for the flagship (for now) iPad Air 2, the Logitech Type+. It normally retails in the $60-80 range, but as of this writing you can pick up its blue model for $38, easily the lowest it’s been to date.The Type+ isn’t as fully-featured as a high-end case like the Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro, but it has the essentials down pat. It’s among the slimmest (0.67 in) and lightest (15 oz) of its kind, and its rubbery fabric finish is both decent-looking and easy to grip. It automatically sleeps and wakes the Air 2 when you open or close it, and a magnetic strip does a good job of keeping the tablet in place. Logitech rates its battery as lasting 3 months on a charge, which is fine. The one major negative, build wise, is that it can only hold the iPad at one angle.Most importantly, it’s a solid keyboard — outside of a few cramped edge keys, it’s well-sized, well-spaced, and generally clicky. It runs smoothly, and its handful of iOS-specific shortcuts are nice to have. It lacks the Qode Pro’s backlighting, but at this price, it’s just better-made than any cheap alternative in the $30-40 range.

It’s worth noting that some user reviews have complained of a defect which causes one of the Type+’s case holders to break. I’ve actually encountered this problem myself with a similar Logitech case, but I can say that, on the off chance you do get unlucky, it’s very minor, and only really comes with you removing and reinserting the iPad very often over time. It doesn’t make the case unusable.Outside of that, those reviews have been positive — on Amazon, the Type+ currently has a 4.4 rating. A model for the first iPad Air is out, too, and has been been similarly well-received. If you want to make your iPad a little more productive, either should serve you well.A new hybrid-electric aircraft, the first ever to be able to recharge its batteries in flight, has just been tested in the UK, the University of Cambridge announced in a statement today.The plane uses a "parallel hybrid-electric propulsion system," where an electric motor works with a regular petrol motor to drive a propeller. It's just been trialled at a test site in Northamptonshire.

According to Cambridge engineers, the plane uses 30% less fuel than a similar model that only uses a petrol engine. More importantly, the new design can also recharge its batteries during flight — something that's never been achieved before. "Although hybrid cars have been available for more than a decade, what’s been holding back the development of hybrid or fully-electric aircraft until now is battery technology," project leader and Cambridge professor Paul Robertson said in a statement. "Until recently, they have been too heavy and didn’t have enough energy capacity. But with the advent of improved lithium-polymer batteries, similar to what you’d find in a laptop computer, hybrid aircraft – albeit at a small scale – are now starting to become viable."The plane uses its 4-stroke piston engine and electric motor during take off and climbing. But once in cruising mode, the electric motor switches to an electric generator in a similar way to a hybrid car. Once full height is reached, the generator mode can then recharge the batteries or be used in motor assist mode to minimise fuel consumption, the university said.

The project is vital to combating the impact air travel has on the environment. The team notes that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates "aviation is responsible for around 2% of global man-made carbon dioxide emissions."The plane is a step "towards cleaner, low-carbon air travel," but it's not there yet. More research is still needed to prolong the flying time. "If all the engines and all the fuel in a modern jetliner were to be replaced by batteries, it would have a total flying time of roughly ten minutes," the researchers point out.Still, the Cambridge demonstrator model is a move toward creating the first fully-electric plane, which could one day be used commercially.The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.Students are starting to file back to campus, and the discounts are starting to file back to store shelves alongside them.

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Best Buy is no stranger to this tactic, and this week it's selling the latest 13-inch, 128 GB model of the Macbook Air for $850. That's $150 off its MSRP, and close to the cheapest price you'll find for it at this point in time.The deal comes as part of a larger set of slashes for Apple products, but this one is the best of the bunch. The Air is widely regarded as one of the highest-quality laptops on the market: It's slim, it's comfortable, it's fast, it has an excellent keyboard and trackpad, and its battery routinely lasts for around 12 hours on a single charge. A 13-inch screen like the one on this particular model is generally the sweet spot between portability and usability, too.The only major negatives against the Air revolve around its display, which is vivid but not particularly sharp, and the fact that it virtually recycles the same design as the various MacBook Airs that have come before it.But, while it is little excuse for Apple to have skimped out on a 1080p panel — the Air has a 1440 x 900 resolution instead — it's difficult to bash the Cupertino company for not messing too much with a winning formula.

The 4 GB of RAM on this model doesn't sound hearty either, but with an Intel Core i5 chip it's enough to power Apple's Mac OS smoothly. You may want to invest in some sort of external storage if you do take the plunge, though, since this model comes with a fast but relatively paltry 128 GB solid state drive.Best Buy tends to slash MacBook prices around this time every year, but that doesn't change the fact it's selling a great mainstream laptop at a more affordable price. The deal is technically aimed at students, so if you have a college email address, you can look into a further $100 discount by signing up for Best Buy's student program.We’re big fans of watches here at Insider Picks, having covered them both in different styles and at different price points. Watches are a great accessory for the working man; it adds style to your and shows those around you that you have places to be and time is important to you. If you’re still looking for the perfect timepiece to match your style, today is a great day to browse around Amazon, as there are big discounts available on many different watches. We’re highlighting this Seiko watch here, as it’s been one of our favorites for a while now.Clothes can be an essential part of your work persona. If you can look sharp while feeling comfortable, you’ll be set to perform at your best through the day. This navy suit from Frank & Oak will serve you well in the office and after hours when you’re meeting with new potential clients.

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Through tomorrow, if you spend $125 with Frank & Oak, you'll get $25 off your purchase with the code "DROP25" at checkout.Frank & Oak Bernard Cotton-Blend Blazer in Navy, $165, available at Frank & Oak; Frank & Oak Bernard Cotton-Blend Pant in Navy, $86, available at Frank & Oak.Another essential to your workweek is having a bag capable of holding all of your valuables, namely your computer. Keep your work laptop safe from the outside world with this stylish back from Tumi, or if you want to take a look at a few more options, check out our guide, which has many options that are both stylish and professional.Other than this bag, Macy’s is offering tons of great deals across it’s site. So if you need to fill in some gaps in your wardrobe, it’s a good day to browse around. Keeping a portable charger on you will save you a ton of stress in the long run. Whether you need to check your email on the go or get directions to the bar you’re meeting up with friends at, a dead phone can leave a day in ruin. So invest in a charger and avoid all of hassle that comes with hitting 0%. You’re future self will thank you for it.

A fresh pair of dress shoes will help keep you looking dapper from head to toe during the workday, and there are few shoes more sharp than those from Crosby Square.The warm weather is upon us, which means it’s just about time for people to start moving around. Maybe you’re heading back home, maybe you’ve got a business trip to make, maybe you’re just starting to plan your next vacation. Whatever the case, a few good gadgets can make hitting the road (or skies) altogether less exhausting. (Relatively speaking.) So below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite travel-friendly tech. They’re varied, but all of them will help you survive your ride in their own way.Whether you’re riding shotgun with the family or stuck on a cross-country flight, at some point during your trek you’ll probably want everything around you to just shut up. You can try asking politely, but a better idea would be simulating the same effect with a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Bose’s QuietComfort series is the cream of the crop here, and its in-ear QuietComfort 20 is the lightest and most portable of the bunch. It’s also $250. If that’s too much, Phiaton’s BT 100 NC isn’t really close to the QuietComfort’s silencing tech, but it’s more than solid for $100, and sounds pretty great to boot. Just make sure you’re cool with its neckband-style design first.Now, not all of you will need noise-cancelling to enjoy some music on the go. If you’re just looking from something cheap, light, and nice-sounding, I like the detailed and bass-forward sound of the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro — though by now you should know that there are lots of other ways you can go.For all the devices claiming to threaten its existence, a good laptop is still the most natural blend of “something for entertainment” and “something for getting things done.” They’re eternally good for travel. If you grab a super thin Ultrabook, they’re aren’t much of a hassle to toss in a bag, either.


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